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Spookies Hunter is an exciting board game for the entire family. Game box includes a game board, game rules, 6 playing figures and 2 dice

This board game is bound to become a huge collectible craze and a success campaign. Ideal launch time is 12 months after the SPOOKIES magnets campaign

Flow packs include a Spookie figure and a card with a QR code on it. When the code is scanned, it will take customers to the Spookies app where a VR Spooky appears. This Spooky can then be viewed in different settings - on the game board, in a fun arcade game or wearing different filters. 


The goal of the Spookies Hunter game is to collect as many of the 24 Spookies figures as possible. As they collect the figures, players can also have a lot of fun with our Spookies App. If their collection is missing pieces or has extra pieces, players can trade them with other hunters in the SPOOKIES HUNTERS microsite.


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