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In most European countries, children lack basic levels of  financial literacy. Which means that the sooner we start teaching them about money, the better. And the best way for children to learn? By play, of course. So, we took on the difficult  subject of finances and created a fun game for the entire family. 


Quanto is a traditional board game for 2 to 4 players. Each player receives  a startup capital. As they play, they encounter different tiles - some with expenses, others with income. All tiles represent common everyday  situations of any average family: bill paying, expenses for food or leisure but also less common situations such as receiving a speeding ticket or a surprising inheritance. The only goal of the game? Each player has to manage their money so that at the end of the game their assets are as big as possible. 


The game teaches children that nothing is for free and they have to distinguish between what is necessary to have and what they can be without.


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