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Jumpies are fun little balls for kids who love animals and jumping. 24 balls represent 24 animals children might know from the countryside, meadows and forests. The balls can be played outside, giving  children what they need more of - meaningful time spent outdoors instead of in front of digital devices. Jumpies will make children move more  and at the same time teach them about our fauna. 


This customer loyalty program is very straightforward. Customers can purchase a 'paper nest' to place Jumpies balls in. The package contains a paper bedding for 24 balls and a card game called ANIMAL QUARTET. The card game contains 32 cards with 32 animals featured on them. Each card provides fun and interesting facts about the  portrayed animal.

ANIMAL QUARTET  can be played by the entire family. 


For every purchase they make customers get a flowpack with 1 ball in it. Each ball is a different color and represents a specific animal. These mechanics will naturally turn Jumpies into a big collectible craze. 


Jumpies teach children about animals and encourage them to spend time outside. And ANIMAL QUARTET? Ideal for spending quality time with friends and family.


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