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Can anyone BLOCK war with art?

And start a CHAIN of solidarity?


Sure. It’s simple. 

If you buy one of our NFTs, you not only take a clear anti-war stance

but also directly contribute to innocent Ukrainians affected by the ongoing conflict.  


You have already purchased?

Thank you for helping us make a difference!


Rest assured your share of the solidarity chain will be kept in our crypto treasure chest safely.


Once the campaign ends, on 25 October 2022, all proceeds

(including your contribution) will be distributed to those in need.  

The exact use of the money will be decided by a committee of marketing executives, headed by Mykola Kovalenko himself:

To see how your money is helping and to get more exclusive NFT content, follow our discord and telegram account, sign up to our newsletter

and check this space for regular updates.


Mykola Kovalenko

Chairman of the Committee,

Globally recognized graphic designer

over 150 artistic Awards



 “Living means creating”


Tatiana Svrčková

CR Senior Specialist at Slovak Telekom, a.s.


"I am in charge of everything related to the Telekom foundation and CSR activities. This project meets all the criteria that define me and our company."


Daniel Abrahám

CEO, International Effectivity Group



“I have always been convinced that it is possible to funnel art into real and powerful action and make

a difference.”


Dáša Juríková

Brand Hub Director, Slovenská sporiteľňa



"I will keep my fingers crossed for you. It’s and excellent idea. Love your team forever💪"

Michal Maruska.jpg

Michal Maruška

Managing Director, Ringier Slovakia

"After being contacted from International Effectivity, I didn't hesitate for a moment and wanted to be a part of it. Since the beginning of the war, I have been trying to help the people of Ukraine either as a company or a private person. 

The way Mykola “documents” the situation day by day is amazing, therefore I believe that the project will be successful and we will be able to support many beneficiaries."

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