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The global NFT campaign against the war in Ukraine started in July. Why so late?

The war has been dragging on since late February. Everyone who expected a decisive blow to end it quickly was disappointed. Ukrainian designer Mykola Kovalenko is nervously observing the situation and hoping for the meaningless violence to stop. In the meantime, he decided to distill his anxiety into war posters, which are available for purchase as NFTs in a fundraising campaign “BLOCK war with art. Start a CHAIN.”

Globally recognized Ukrainian artist Mykola Kovalenko has been creating a new anti-war poster every day since the beginning of the war. Now he has decided to offer them for purchase to generate money for the war victims. “Even though I live in Slovakia now, I have been anxiously following the war events. I have been making posters to contribute to the anti-war effort since day one. However, I didn't feel it was enough”, says Mykola.

One might ask: why now? The war has been going on for months. And we have already witnessed numerous atrocities, resulting in large groups of people in need. “I was really hoping the war could end soon. The Russian army is incompetent, there has been numerous evidence for that. I thought they would accept that they bit off much more than they could chew. I have been waiting for their capitulation. Unfortunately, it wasn't the case.”, adds Mykola bitterly.

Therefore he teamed up with his home agency International Effectivity (IE) to set up a global NFT fundraising campaign. Using their international ties, they managed to find media partners. They have all rallied under the banner of philanthropy. The claim of the global campaign “BLOCK war with art. Start a CHAIN” is a clear link to blockchain technology.

What is the gist? Mykola is offering his anti-war posters for purchase on OpenSea. Special collectibles are dropped twice a week as rare NFTs for bidding. The campaign will run until September. 80% of the generated money will be used to support war victims. The exact use of the funds will be decided by a committee consisting of 5 Slovak marketing executives, headed by Mykola Kovalenko himself.

“I believe it's still not too late. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the war is going to end soon.” concludes Mykola.

If you want to participate in the campaign and support Ukrainian war victims, don't hesitate and get yourself an NFT anti-war poster!

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