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The global anti-war NFT fundraising is running. But where will the collected money go?

BLOCK war with art. Start a CHAIN. The claim of the global fundraising campaign is an obvious reference to the NFT technology. What does it sell? Unique NFT anti-war posters created by Ukrainian designer Mykola Kovalenko. He intends to generate money and support his co-patriates in need. He is not alone though - there is a committee of philanthropists to decide what to do with the money.

Globally awarded designer Mykola Kovalenko started a chain of anti-war posters at the beginning of the war. And he has not stopped ever since. Despite being in the safety of Slovakia at the moment, he feels an urge to help people that haven't left Ukraine. He joined the battle with his stylus and tablet.

“My motivation is sheer clear - I hate Putin, I despise the Russian army and I want the war to stop now. It's as simple as that.” says Mykola.

But stopping the war is a big fish to fry. Mykola is aware of that: “We all have this romantic enthusiasm to fight and stop the war. But it might take a long time for our endeavor to take effect. In the meantime, suffering continues. We need to help the people in need, regardless of the stage of war we are in.” he adds.

Therefore he launched his first global NFT campaign. He offers his posters for purchase on OpenSea. Rare NFTs are dropped twice a week and are available for bidding.

It is hard to fight alone though, so he brought allies - his home ad agency International Effectivity (IE), which helps spread the word. And not only that: IE also helped to create a committee to decide what to do with the collected money.

80% of the generated funds will be used to help Ukrainians in need. The exact use will be determined consensually by a committee, consisting of 5 Slovak marketing pros and executives (including CEO of IE - Daniel Abraham), headed by Mykola Kovalenko himself. Their common denominator is philanthropy and desire to help the war victims. There are many options - buying necessary products or donating to a particular NGO that operates in Ukraine.

Would you like to support our campaign and help Ukrainians? Go get yourself your own NFT from Mykola's collection.

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