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Q&A about our NFT collection

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. It is a uncopiable token, which represents an unique entry in the blockchain database. NFTs can be used to buy and sell images. Thanks to the blockchain technology and the nature of the NFTs, you can become a sole owner of a digital art piece.

Can 2 people buy the same NFT?

Every NFT is unique. NFT stands for 'non-fungible tokens' - which means that an NFT image cannot have two owners, thanks to the decentralized blockchain technology. If you purchase the NFT on a website, you will become the sole owner of the NFT with a unique record in the blockchain database. In order to change the owners, one has to sell the NFT to transfer its ownership.

How can I buy an NFT?

The currency used to buy NFTs is Ethereum - ETH, which is a cryptocurrency. Firstly, you will need to download a crypto wallet and buy ETH, which you can then use to buy NFTs on platforms such as OpenSea.

How do I buy ETH?

There are many platforms and apps where you can purchase ETH, such as Binance, Coinbase etc. Before making a purchase, you will need to install a crypto wallet on your desktop or phone. You can buy crypto with your credit card or via bank transfer.

What is the exchange rate of ETH?

The price of ETH can vary from day to day. You can check the current value at

What can I do with NFTs?

You can keep them in your digital art collection and sell them at any time you like. Many digital art fans also see NFTs as an investment opportunity.

Why should I buy them?

You can help generate funds to support Ukrainians in need and at the same time become an owner of a unique anti-war poster in the form of a digital art piece.

Where will the collected money go?

80% percent of the generated funds will be used to support war victims in Ukraine. The exact purpose of the fundraising will be decided by a committee consisting of four leading marketing pros, headed by Mykola Kovalenko himself.

What makes rare NFTs special?

There can be many reasons why rare NFTs are of higher value. In our case, Mykola Kovalenko selected rare collectibles which were made in the first days of war, or even prior to its beginning. Some rare entries in the collection depict a key event, such as the famous defense of Snake Island. Last but not least - some rare images point out war crimes, such as the slaughter of civilians or the pillaging of Ukrainian stocks.

Do NFTs have any artistic value? As for any piece of art, there are many aspects of NFT you can consider valuable. First - objective value, which means the skill needed to create such a piece. Other can be time aspect “the older, the better” or the special message the image carries.

Why are NFTs so expensive?

The price of the NFTs is market-driven and you can find NFTs priced at various different levels.

Are the NFTs only available on OpenSea?

OpenSea is the only platform where you can get Mykola Kovalenko's posters as NFTs. There are many other websites where you can buy NFTs though.

Who is Mykola Kovalenko?

Mykola Kovalenko is a globally recognized and awarded Ukrainian graphic designer, currently hailing from Slovakia. He owns more than 150 awards and has exhibited his art all over the world. Mykola often takes an active stance against injustice and violence. He has been making one anti-war poster per day since the beginning of the war. Now he offers them as NFTs to support his homeland.

How can I participate in the auction?

Rare NFTs will be available for bidding with a starting price. If a buyer is interested, he bids a price that is at least 5% higher than the previous bid. The maximum time for a timed auction is one week. The seller can accept any price anytime. Canceling your bid will result in a canceling cost. Bid the highest price and the NFT is yours. Note: in order to participate in an auction, you will need to turn your ETHs into WETHs - wrapped Ethereum. ETH and WETH are the same value. You will find instructions on the OpenSea website.

Do you have any questions about Mykola's poster collection BLOCK war with Art? Contact us on Telegram +421 915 816 484

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